How To Make A Kickass Bloody Mary! (00:30)

Kickass Bloody Mary Mix and the fixings… Get at all 7 Apollo locations | Rochester & Austin, MN.

What is Kickass Beef Jerky (2:15)

Does the name mean it is super hot? Not at all. Kickass means great awesome, the best, I cant get enough.! Yes we do have some hot flavors including the Pepper Jerky and Jalapeno Beef Jerky. Enjoy those right along with our Original, Old Fashioned, Teriyaki, Zesty Teriyaki, and BBQ Beef Jerky.

Kickass Beef Jerky. Teriyaki flavored. The Real Thing! (2:26)

Featuring our #2 seller, Kickass Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Delicious, tender, flavorful.