What is it? Kickass Reaper Challenge

Kickass Reaper Challenge Steps:

1. Order a Kickass Reaper Package (Free Shipping) 

2. Think long and hard for what you are about to do!

3. Make sure your live streams are turned on and challenge 3 people to enjoy the pain you are about endure. Please be sure to hashtag #kickasschallenge & #kickassfortaps in all of your shares.

4. Cut open package and consume 2 sticks.

5. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 seconds after consuming. 

Why am I doing This? 

1. For the enjoyment of watching others suffer!

2. KICKASS FOR TAPS - The real reason for doing this challenge is to give back $2.00 for each package sold to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors aka TAPS Organization.  

The proceeds of this challenge will be going to help support the families of America's fallen military heroes across the United States.  This is a great organization and you can check out their website at www.taps.org.